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About us

Personal Coaching and Counseling
- of course online as well

Our team

The Heidelberg Institute for Coaching (hic) employs experienced and professional coaches. They are scientifically educated at the University of Heidelberg and have been working as counselors, consultants and coaches for several years. Their work is continously supervised by the director of the institute Professor Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla, MD.

Our coaching concept

The integrative coaching concept begins with establishing a trustful and supportive relationship. Productive behavioral alternatives and reliable concepts for productive work and meaningful life are central issues. Conflicts are analyzed and solved and finally communication skills will be strengthened.
Interaktives Coaching
All coaching sessions are absolutely confidential. Detailed descriptions of the concept can be found in scientific papers published by the coaches as well as in the books of Professor Holm-Hadulla on creativity.
hic - Heidelberger Institut für Coaching


Heidelberg Institute for Coaching
Adenauerplatz 2 · D-69115 Heidelberg


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